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Doctors CME meet at Dr. Sunderlal Memorial Hospital

Posted on Jan 19, 2017 at 6:00 PM

Doctors CME meet on 14 Jan 2017 (Saturday) at Dr. Sunderlal Memorial Hospital .

  • A CME (Continuing Medical Education) meet was held at Dr. Sunder Lal Memorial Hospital on 14-1-17. The CME meet was themed around two different, but connected branches of medical science – Infertility and Laparoscopic surgery. In-house doctors Dr. Roshi Satija and Dr. Anirudh Vij presented their thoughts on Infertility and Laparoscopy, respectively. More than 50 doctors from Delhi and surrounding area attended the meeting.
  • Dr. Roshi Satija is a seasoned gynecologist and a renowned IVF expert in the capital. She presented her talk on “When to refer a patient to a fertility specialist”. Being a serious social issue, infertility in India is viewed in a very weird and sarcastic way. The patients have to face several adversities and criticism not only from the society, but also from within the family itself. Dr. Satija emphasized upon the sensitivity of declaring a couple “Infertile” and also highlighted upon the right time to declare. For the concerned patients, it is always hard to understand and accept the lack. She suggested a planned and systematic manner of diagnosis and analysis to be carried out taking the patients in confidence so that it becomes easy both for the doctor to share as well as the couple to accept the gap and work further to achieve the desired.
  • Taking on the burning issue of infertility, Dr. Roshi Satija said, “India is not yet ready to accept infertility as a medical condition. We are surrounded by false notions and beliefs about childbirth and infertility. Hence, for an infertile couple it is hard to face the socio-medico-economic stance. We must take a systematic and procedural step to open up the concern before the patients and their families. Also, we must take care that they do not get discouraged facing the truth and leave hope altogether. Infertility is just a medical condition and curable with certain procedures.”
  • On the other hand, Dr. Anirudh Vij, who is a famous bariatric surgeon of the country and a laparoscopic surgery expert, presented his talk titled, “Role of laparoscopy in modern day surgical practice.” Laparoscopy is a boon to the medical science and humanity, which has made many critical and life-threatening surgeries easy, simple, and drastically less painful for the patients. Taking on the occasion, Dr. Vij said, “Laparoscopy has opened up new hope among the patients. It has now become a very common way to conduct surgeries and its contribution is treating infertility is also commendable.” Dr. Vij also showcased the videos on rare and interesting cases of laparoscopic surgery.
  • Dr. Sunder Lal Memorial Hospital holds regular CME meets every month to keep the knowledge of their consultants up to date. This facilitates a fabulous platform to exchange and share medical and surgical knowledge and experience. It came out to be a very lively and friendly gathering for the doctors. The hospital will continue conducting such events in the future and help the doctors and practitioners in the region maintain competence and learn about new and developing areas.
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